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Qualifications to receive the Super Milk Award:

  • Ten out of Twelve monthly bulk tank somatic cell counts must be 200,000 cells per ml or below.
  • Dairy Farms must be neat in appearance as determined by their industry milk inspector.
  • Nominee form is online for inspectors - click here for PDF copy

During the month of January and February milk inspectors nominate their qualified producers for the previous year. In March ESMQC orders the award signs. First time achievers are presented with a large blue sign. Previous year's achievers receive a smaller year sign. 5 consecutive year achievers receive a large gold sign and 10 consecutive year achievers receive a large silver sign, 15 year achiever receive a large 15 year sign and year tag and 20 year winners receive a 20 year sign and year tag. 25 year winners- they receive a very large 25 year sign and a year tag. .

During the month of May signs are distributed to milk inspectors who present them to their farms. Producers and contributors are recognized each year in a press release and with a display at farm shows.


Inspectors for 2018

Amanda Wolfe   Jim Staulte
Andy Dean   John Kingrey
Brian Chambers   John Laing
Britney Wood   John Rutherford
Bryan Bendixen  

Katlin Miller

Brett Abbey   Ken Slentz, Jr.
Butch Gilchrest   Kevin Leahy
Byron Walrath   Linda Young
Candace Nolan   Luke Hotte
Connie Kuhlman   Marilyn Lamb
Daniel Guido   Mark Shelmidine
Dave Miller   Michael Greiner
David Hodge   Michael Ink
Dave Wilbur   Mike Winkler
David Elliott   Michelle O'Brien
David Gaston   Mike Fish
David Hodge   Natalie Leduc
David Hula   Randy Alexander
Deb Lampson   Randy Alger
Donna Walker   Ray Scheesley
Edward Batsford   Rich Lathrop
Emily Blumer   Rick Locke
Emily Nichols   Robert Dosztan
Eric Clayson   Robert Law
Eric Mortensen   Rodney Willson
Frank Brady   Ron Hill
Gary Smith   Ruth McCuin
Gavin Cogswell   Sara Gillette
Geoff Pearsall   Shawn Rankin
Heather Young   Steve Button
Jackie Oliver   Vicki Williams
Jeff Burgess   William Nichols
Jeff Meyer   William Paddock
Jeffrey Crandall    



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