Welcome to Super Milk - Recognizing the New York State dairies that consistently produce exceptionally high quality milk. It is administered by the Empire State Milk Quality Council. Site updated 6/18/24 with 2023 winners!

Starting in 2025, for nomination, farms will need to maintain average monthly counts ≤150,000 cells/mL for at least 9 of 12 months. For 2026, this will graduate to 10 of 12 months.

Read the Press Release that reviews the reasons and what changes are expected.


If you would like to have your farm recognized, our Inspectors page explains the process and the inspectors who nominate farms.   

Nominee form is online for Inspectors- click here for pdf copy.   

Valley Mound Farm - Cayuga County


New 2021 Award- Dairies that produce milk <100,000 SCC for at least 10 of 12 months!   

Ray & Sherry McMillen - Oswego County


 Multi Year Winner      Tim Lawton