Our Sponsors

Please thank our sponsors! They are very important to the success of our program. The sponsors listed above are our only source of revenue. There is no state or University support. If you would like to become a sponsor e-mail us or call our Ithaca office. We thank the following sponsors for their generous support. 
Updated with 2023 Sponsors

Gold Sponsor ($500-$1000)

  • Dairy Farmers of America

  • Farm Credit East, ACA

  • Gold Star Feed- Adams Center, Sangerfield, Springville

Silver Sponsor ($101-$499)

  • Battenkill Veterinary Bovine

  • Cidec LLC

  • Gabel's IBA

  • IBA, Inc.

  • Keseca Veterinary Clinic, PLLC

  • Louis J. Gale & Son, Inc..

  • Lowville Producers Dairy Cooperative, Inc.

  • Mercer Milling Company

  • Preble Milk Cooperative Association, Inc.

  • Stewart's Shop Corporation

  • Voss Signs

  • Wormuth Dairy & Refrigeration

Bronze Sponsor ($100 or less)

  • Alnye, LLC

  • Attica Veterinary Associates, PC

  • Bugman & Sons, Inc.

  • Cayuga Marketing, LLC

  • Charles J. Husted, Inc.

  • Coventry Transport Services, LLC

  • Dr. Christopher Parfitt, Tassel Hill Vet.

  • Dr. Sarah Snell (Tri-County Vet Services)

  • Eastern Crown, Inc.

  • Gardinier Dairy Supply, Inc.

  • Great Lakes Cheese Co., Inc.

  • Holstein Central, John Wadsworth

  • Jefferson Bulk Milk Coop, Inc

  • Leatherstocking Veterinary Services

  • Middlebury Cooperative

  • Noblehurst Farms, Inc.

  • R&M Farm & Hardware, LLC

  • Steamburg Milk Producers Cooperative, Inc.

  • Verona Veterinary Services, PC

  • Ward & Van Scoy, Inc.

  • Watertown Animal Hospital, LLP